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IDM2008 - Identification of Dark Matter 2008
IDM2008 - Identification of Dark Matter 2008
18-22 August 2008 AlbaNova
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Toward a viable dark matter candidate without invoking SUSY (15'+5')
Using the recent results of K. Meissner and H. Nicolai in their article , “ 
Neutrinos , Axion and Conformal Symmetry” (arXIV 0803.2814v2) , we can 
do refer to their derived  conditions for which the classically conformable 
Lagrangian may be built up to eliminate both the Higgs and the necessity of 
SUSY for a viable axion candidate. We claim that this elimination of SUSY will, 
provide conditions to check if or not there are more than three generations of 
fermions. Note that the Standard Model has three generations of fermions. If 
there are shown to be more than three, then the Standard Model is incorrect 
and needs to be adjusted. As an example, calling for a fourth sterile neutrino, 
for example, constitutes an extension of the current Standard Model. We also 
claim that the generation of axions and the known datum that dark matter 
existed before dark energy will allow us to identify , through axion and neutrio 
physics conditions for the generation of dark matter in early universe nucleation
Id: 369
Place: AlbaNova
Room: FB42
Starting date:
19-Aug-2008   08:30
Duration: 20'
Contribution type: Talk
Primary Authors: Dr. BECKWITH, Andrew (FNAL)
Presenters: Dr. BECKWITH, Andrew
Material: slide Slides
Included in session: Theoretical models and related topics
Included in track: Parallel B: Theoretical models and related topics

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