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Conference on Integrability in Gauge and String Theory 2010
Conference on Integrability in Gauge and String Theory 2010
from 28 June 2010 to 02 July 2010 Nordita
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Weak coupling tests of the mirror TBA
The mirror Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz (TBA) approach offers a tool
to investigate the spectrum of AdS/CFT in the planar limit.
The TBA equations governing the spectrum are based on several
conjectures this is why it is important to test them carefully.
In this talk we will focus on the analytical
tests of the AdS/CFT TBA system in the weak coupling limit
and  show that the 5-loop anomalous dimensions of the twist-2
operators of the sl(2) sector derived from the TBA equations agree
with the results obtained previously from the generalized Luscher formulae.
Id: 274
Place: Nordita
Room: Oskar Klein lecture hall
Starting date:
02-Jul-2010   10:30
Duration: 01h00'
Primary Authors: HEGEDUS, Arpad (KFKI, Budapest)
Presenters: HEGEDUS, Arpad
Material: slide Slides

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