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Stockholm Summer School "Physics of Macronovae"
12-20 June 2018 AlbaNova University Center, Stockholm


AlbaNova University Center, Stockholm, Sweden


This summer school will provide an introduction to a number of the fields relevant to the physics of macronovae:

  • Numerical Relativity (Thomas Baumgarte)
  • Nuclear matter equation of state (Micaela Oertel)
  • Nuclear Reaction Networks (Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo)
  • Radiative Transfer (Dan Kasen)
  • Observations of Transients (Brad Cenko)
  • Numerical hydrodynamics (Evan O'Connor, Stephan Rosswog)


The main target group are PhD students, but interested Postdoctoral researchers are also welcome. There is a limit on the number of participants.

Application deadline is 15 April, 2018.

More information will be available here later.

Sponsored by:

The G.R.E.A.T. Environment Swedish Research Council

Dates: from 12 June 2018 09:00 to 20 June 2018 18:00
Location: AlbaNova University Center, Stockholm
Chairs: GOOBAR, Ariel
PEIRIS, Hiranya
ROSSWOG, Stephan
Material: Poster

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