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A walk in the WIMP forest
  OKC colloquia

Tuesday 08 May 2018
from 13:15 to 14:15
at FA32
Speaker : Michel Tytgat (Dept of Physics, ULB, Brussels)
Abstract : A weakly interacting massive particle or WIMP remains one of the chief candidates for dark matter. The most studied WIMP is the neutralino, a possible supersymmetric partner of Standard Model particles. However, motivated in part by experimental and observational anomalies, theorists have proposed a whole forest of alternative WIMP models. In this talk, after briefly reviewing the basics of WIMP physics, I will discuss some WIMP models that I am familiar with, with an emphasis on their possible signatures. The first model is called the Vector-like Portal. It is utterly simple, but leads to remarkable gamma-ray spectral signatures in the form of virtual internal bremsstrahlung, a feature that has been much studied here, in Stockholm. Then I will discuss a quite complex scenario, called the Clockwork WIMP, an attempt to make a WIMP very long-lived without resorting to very heavy degrees of freedom. On the contrary, such scenario may lead to the production of a plethora of TeV mass particles at the LHC. Finally, I will discuss a category of self-interacting WIMP particles that may devour old neutron stars and transform them into solar mass black holes. The latter may searched by the future generation of gravitational wave detectors.

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