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Wonders of viscous electronics in graphene
  Nordita seminar

Friday 08 September 2017
from 16:15 to 17:15
at FA32
Speaker : Gregory Falkovich (Weizmann Institute)
Abstract : Quantum-critical strongly correlated systems feature universal collision-dominated collective transport. Viscous electronics is an emerging field dealing with systems in which strongly interacting electrons flow like a fluid. Such flows have some remarkable properties never seen before. I shall describe recent theoretical and experimental works devoted, in particular, to a striking macroscopic DC transport behavior: viscous friction can drive electric current against an applied field, resulting in a negative resistance, recently measured experimentally in graphene. I shall also describe conductance exceeding the fundamental quantum-ballistic limit, field-theoretical anomalies and other wonders of viscous electronics. Strongly interacting electron-hole plasma in high-mobility graphene affords a unique link between quantum-critical electron transport and the wealth of fluid mechanics phenomena. Nature Physics 2016, 12 : 672-676 PNAS 2017 Arxiv:1607.00986 PhysRevLet 2017 Arxiv1607.07269 1612.09239 Nature Physics 2017 in press

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