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Nordita Winter School 2018 in Condensed Matter Physics
from 22 January 2018 to 02 February 2018 Nordita, Stockholm



Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


The purpose of this winter school is to provide PhD students and young postdocs in the Nordic and Baltic countries with introductory courses in a range of the most important topics in the field of condensed matter physics. Furthermore, the school will provide a way to bring together students and young postdocs across different fields, research institutions and countries.


There will be two principal lecturers each giving a two-hour lecture in the morning. In the afternoon there will be one talk on current topics on the subject. There will also be tutorial sessions during afternoon.

Registration for this school is now open. Registration deadline has been extended to November 30, 2017.

The school is primarily intended for PhD students and young postdocs from the Nordic and Baltic countries. Advanced masters students may also apply. Students outside the Nordic and Baltic countries may also apply although financial support is available for only Nordic and Baltic students.

Lecturers and topics

Hard Condensed Matter

  • Alexander Balatsky (Nordita)
    Unconventional superconductivity: topological, odd frequency and AdS
  • Andrei Bernevig (Princeton University)
    Topological states of matter
  • Hans Hansson (Nordita and Stockholm University)
    Fermi and Luttinger liquids
  • Anuradha Jagannathan (Universite Paris-Sud)
  • Vladimir Juričić (Nordita)
    Introduction to quantum phase transitions
  • Anatoli Polkovnikov (Boston University)
    Non-equilibrium physics - thermalization, many body localization and quantum chaos
  • Jörg Schmalian (TKM, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
  • Hai Hu Wen (Nanjing University)
    Superconductivity in Fe based materials
  • Soft Condensed Matter

  • Alain Goriely (Oxford University)
    Physical Modelling of the Brain (from Axons to Skull, from Birth till Death)
  • Dominic Vella (Oxford University)
    Buckle, wrinkle and snap: the many faces of elastica

  • Dates: from 22 January 2018 09:00 to 02 February 2018 18:00
    Location: Nordita, Stockholm
    Room: 132:028
    Chairs: JURIčIć, Vladimir
    BALATSKY, Alexander
    EICHHORN, Ralf

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