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conference "Performance '14 Billion Years of Theatrical Physics!' "
  Friday 12 May 2017
from 19:00 to 19:30
at Nordita, Stockholm ( 132:028 )

Welcome to a performance at Nordita on 12 May, 2017, at 19.00!

"14 Billion Years of Theatrical Physics!"

To use the world of physics in order to understand the nature of theatre.

"There is a storm coming. Be there!"

It´s about gravity, predictions, scale and expansion.

A lecture performance dealing with mankinds unstoppable curiosity and our equally unstoppable destructiveness.

A text and sound based performance re-enacting a conversation with a greek mathematician in Athens 2015, about "three breakthroughs in human thinking", starting with Pythagoras student, going through the differential equations that allowed us to predict into the future, to the so called big bang theory and the ability to predict into the past and the amazing strength of the human mind that it can go back and verify things that happened at such a faraway scale from our own – 14 billlion years ago.

Up until now, the performance has been presented in four different versions: all of them flexible - involving improvisation and new collaborations. The venues spans from a night club, to an auditorium and a basement art gallery.

This is an exclusive performance at Nordita with Cecilia Runesson in collaboration with Erik Widén from Nordita.

The performance is free of charge, takes approximately 30 minutes and consists of three parts: a sound, a text and a tune. The performance likes to act in the realms beyond the concepts of good and bad. The performance is based on a conversation with Alexis Bakapolous, the Greek mathematician, on a Sunday afternoon in Athens, Greece.

Cecilia Runesson is an actress and performance artist working in the intersection of performance, theatre and science. Born in Gothenburg 1966, she trained classical theatre in London and physical theatre in Århus, Denmark. She holds a MFA in Contemporary Performative Arts from Gothenburg University. She is a member and co-founder of performance collective Force Majeure whose work has been seen in Scandinavia and beyond. This is the third version on a work she started with 2015 concerning the link between theatre and physics. She is based in Stockholm and sometimes works as a visual arts curator.


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