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Nordita Day - Summer 2017
09 June 2017 Nordita, Stockholm


The Nordita Day is an opportunity to get to know your fellow Norditians. It will be a one day event, Friday, 9th June 2017. This is the fourth Nordita Day, since the start of this ancient tradition in 2015.


9.00-9.50 BREAKFAST
The meeting will start with a light breakfast at Nordita East

10.00-17.00 TALKS
Everybody is encouraged to give a short talk (20 min including questions and discussion) about their current research. The talk should be understandable for everybody in the audience. There will be no fixed schedule for the talks and the speakers will be randomly selected during the day.
There will be a break for lunch around noon, and few coffee breaks during the day.

Immediately after lunch Göran Rydeberg, who is the chief registrar at Stockholm University, will inform us about important policies regarding incoming mail as well as how to deal with the documentation of grant applications.

18.00-late DINNER
From 6 PM onwards we will have dinner, outside the Nordita buildings if the weather allows. There will also be opportunities to take part in various competitive physical and intellectual sports. Your family/partner is cordially invited to join for the dinner.


To help us plan the day, please register on the registration form as soon as possible (registration deadline May 31).

When registering you will have to provide the title and abstract of your contribution and you will be asked to indicate how many persons will join you for the dinner event.

You will also be asked what kind of physical activities you and your partner/family want to join. Right now you can choose between football, ultimate frisbee, boule and kubb (several choices are possible). In case you have other suggestions for sport activities, please feel free to add them in the suggestion field. We are planning to organize a small tournament, provided there is sufficient interest in the sport activities.

Finally, we will need some support with preparing the barbecue. Let us know if you want to help by checking the corresponding box. Thanks!

Dates: 09 June 2017 (08:30-18:00)
Location: Nordita, Stockholm
Room: 132:028

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