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Elliptic integrable systems, special functions and quantum field theory
16-20 June 2019 Nordita, Stockholm



Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden

More information will be available here later.


In recent years there have been exciting new developments at the interface between elliptic integrable systems, special functions and quantum field theory. The aim of this workshop is to obtain a better understanding of the emerging links between these topics and to help bring out further unexpected connections in the future. This will be achieved by bringing together researchers from diverse areas in mathematics and physics, for a week of lectures and informal discussions. The workshop is the continuation of a series (Kyoto 2004, Bonn 2008, Leiden 2013, Vienna 2017). It is a satellite meeting of String Math 2019, which takes place in Uppsala 1-5 July. The main themes of the meeting are:

  • Elliptic integrable systems
  • Elliptic hypergeometric functions
  • Elliptic and classical Painlevé equations
  • New special functions emerging from quantum field theory

Invited speakers

  • Oleg Chalykh, Leeds University
  • Oleg Lisovyy, LMPT, Tours
  • Marta Mazzocco, University of Birmingham
  • Nobutaka Nakazono, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo
  • Nikita Nekrasov, SCGP, Stony Brook (to be confirmed)
  • Elli Pomoni, Universität Hamburg
  • Eric Rains, Caltech
  • Simon Ruijsenaars, Leeds University
  • Vyacheslav Spiridonov, JINR, Dubna
  • Alexander Varchenko, University of North Carolina
  • Maxim Zabzine, Uppsala University

Scientific committee

  • Edwin Langmann, KTH, Stockholm
  • Masatoshi Noumi, Kobe University
  • Hjalmar Rosengren, Chalmers University, Gothenburg
  • Simon Ruijsenaars, Leeds Universuty
  • Vyacheslav Spiridonov, JINR, Dubna
  • Ole Warnaar, University of Queensland

Organizing committee

  • Martin Hallnäs, Chalmers University, Gothenburg
  • Edwin Langmann, KTH, Stockholm
  • Hjalmar Rosengren, Chalmers University, Gothenburg

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Dates: from 16 June 2019 09:00 to 20 June 2019 18:00
Location: Nordita, Stockholm
Room: 122:026
Chairs: ROSENGREN, Hjalmar
HALLNäS, Martin

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