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Topological Matter Beyond the Ten-Fold Way
2-27 July 2018 Nordita, Stockholm



Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


The major direction in modern condensed matter physics concerns the study of topological states of quantum matter, which show robust features due to the nontrivial global characteristics of the underlying wave functions, manifested in, for example, quantized conductance and robust gapless boundary states. Since the discovery of topological insulators about a decade ago, the field has been focused on non-interacting gapped fermionic states, classified within the so-called “ten-fold way periodic table”. However, new topological states of matter not captured within this classification have recently been theoretically proposed and experimentally discovered. These include topological crystalline insulators, Weyl semimetals, but also classical topological states in mechanical metamaterials. The proposals for realization of topological states out of equilibrium and bosonic topological phases have recently appeared. Furthermore, the new exotic fermions that go beyond the Dirac, Weyl and Majorana have been proposed. Given these developments it is clear that the study of topological matter is entering a new period where the themes going “beyond the ten-fold way” take the center stage, and will certainly be significant in the entire field of condensed matter physics in the next decade or so.

In this program, we bring together experimentalists and theorists to review the current status of this burgeoning field, identify the crucial areas where progress can be made, and foster collaborations and partnerships to vigorously pursue these goals. We shall bring together world leaders in the fields of topological materials and young researchers from the Nordic region who can learn from them.

Tentative timetable

Weeks 1 and 2 (July 2nd to July 13th): Classical topological systems, non-equilibrium topological matter, bosonic topological materials, and simulated topological systems.

Weeks 3 and 4 (July 16th to July 27th): Topological semimetals and topological superconductors.


Applications are now open. Please see the link in the left-hand navigation bar.

Deadline for the applications: May 4th.


Mazhar Ali (MPI-MP, Germany)
Jens Bardarson (KTH, Sweden)
Haim Beidenkopf (Weizman Institute of Science, Israel)
Matthias Bode (University of Würzburg, Germany)
Anton Burkov (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Yulin Chen (Oxford University, UK)
Xi Dai (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong)
(*) Sankar Das Sarma (University of Maryland, USA)
Claudia Felser (MPI-CPS, Germany)
Mohammad Hafezi (University of Maryland, USA)
Wenhua Hai (Hunan Normal University, China)
Sebastian Huber (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
Roni Ilan (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Gyu-Boong Jo (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong)
Eduardo Marino (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
(*) Philip Moll (MPI-CPS, Germany)
Sergej Moroz (TU Munich, Germany)
Shuichi Murakami (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Titus Neupert (University of Zürich, Switzerland)
Michael Peterson (University of California Long Beach, USA)
Nicolas Regnault (ENS-CNRS, France)
Masatoshi Sato (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Japan)
Alexey Soluyanov (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
Björn Trauzettel (University of Würzburg, Germany)
Grigory Volovik (Aalto University, Finland)
Ali Yazdani (Princeton University, USA)
Shoucheng Zhang (Stanford University, USA)

(*) indicates participation is to be confirmed.


Nordita provides a limited number of rooms in the Stockholm apartment hotel BizApartments for some participants.

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Dates: from 02 July 2018 09:00 to 27 July 2018 18:00
Location: Nordita, Stockholm
Room: 122:026
Chairs: JURIčIć, Vladimir
BALATSKY, Alexander

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