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An introduction to SLE and related topics
  KTH/Nordita/SU seminar in Theoretical Physics

Wednesday 23 November 2016
from 11:00 to 12:00
at A4:1069
Speaker : Fredrik Viklund (Mathematics Department KTH)
Abstract : The Schramm-Loewner evolution (SLE) is a one-parameter family of conformally invariant random curves that appear as lattice size scaling limits of cluster interfaces and self-avoiding walks in critical 2D lattice models. SLE processes are amenable to mathematical analysis and SLE techniques (blending complex analysis, probability, PDE) provide a geometric and rigorous approach to such scaling limits.

In the talk I will give an informal introduction to SLE. Topics will include Loewner's equation, connections to lattice models, Schramm's principle, and some basic properties. Time permitting I will try to touch on connections to CFT and Gaussian fields and current open questions and directions of research.

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