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  OKC colloquia

Tuesday 07 March 2017
from 13:15 to 14:30
at FA31
Speaker : Philippe Mermod (University of Geneva)
Abstract : The existence of right-handed neutrinos remains one of the most important open questions in particle physics, as they possibly hold the key to the puzzles of neutrino masses, matter-antimatter asymmetry, and dark matter. Interest in this topic has been rising in recent years with the proposal of experimental avenues by which right-handed neutrinos with masses below the electroweak scale could be produced, detected and studied using displaced-decay signatures. At the forefront of such endeavours, the proposed SHiP experiment at the CERN SPS is designed to be highly sensitive to new weakly-coupled particles, with very efficient background suppression. It intends to probe right-handed neutrinos with masses below 3 GeV and mixings over two orders of magnitude smaller than current constraints, in regions favoured by cosmology. To probe higher masses (up to 30 GeV), a promising novel approach is to identify displaced vertices from heavy neutrinos produced in W boson decays at LHC experiments. (Host: Milstead)

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