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Heavy Neutrinos in Particle Physics and Cosmology
  OKC colloquia

Tuesday 13 December 2016
from 13:15 to 14:30
at FA32
Speaker : Marco Drewes (Technical University of Munich)
Abstract : The discovery of neutrino masses was awarded with the Nobel Prize in physics in 2015. Their origin is thought to be a crucial key to understand how the present Standard Model of particle physics can be embedded into a more general framework of fundamental physics. If the neutrino masses are at least partly generated by the "Higgs mechanism" in the same way as the masses of all other known particles, then this suggests the existence of an additional set of neutrinos dubbed "right handed neutrinos". These feebly interacting partners of the known neutrinos can have much larger masses than their familiar siblings. Apart from giving mass to the light neutrinos, they may also answer some key questions about our universe. Their CP violating interactions in the early universe could explain the excess of matter over antimatter that made our existence possible, or they could compose the mysterious Dark Matter. We review recent progress in the theoretical understanding and experimental hunt for heavy neutrinos. (host: Florian K├╝hnel)

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