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KMOS^3D, VIRIAL and KMOS-Clusters - Kinematic mapping of ionized gas and stars at the epoch of galaxy formation
  Astronomy and astrophysics

Friday 07 November 2014
from 10:30 to 11:30
at FB54
Speaker : Dave Wilman (MPE)
Abstract : Abstract: KMOS - the K-band Multi-Object-Spectrograph second generation instrument on the 8m Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile, commissioned in 2013 - opens a new chapter in studies of the high redshift galaxy population. With 24 deployable arms each hosting a mini integral field unit operating at near infrared wavelengths, it provides spatially resolved spectroscopy at rest-frame optical wavelengths for an unprecidented number of high redshift (z>1) galaxies. I will introduce our guaranteed programs with KMOS: KMOS^3D, VIRIAL and KMOS-Clusters, totalling over 100 nights of 8m telescope time over 5 years. The 75 night KMOS^3D program is amassing deep resolved maps of the Halpha+[NII] emission line complex tracing gas ionized by star formation, active galactic nucleii and shocks, for ~600 galaxies at 0.71.

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