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Energy spectrum and physical interpretation of the Fermi bubbles
  OKC colloquia

Thursday 18 September 2014
from 13:15 to 13:15
at FA31
Speaker : Dmitry Malyshev
Abstract : The Fermi bubbles are two gamma-ray lobes extending up to 55 degrees above and below the Galactic center. The Fermi bubbles, in contrast to lobes in other galaxies, were discovered in gamma rays, rather than radio waves or X-rays, which makes them both unique and interesting to study. We have analyzed 50 months of the Fermi LAT data to study in detail the spectrum and morphology of the Fermi bubbles. In the talk, I will present results of this analysis and an interpretation of the bubbles in terms of leptonic and hadronic gamma-ray emission mechanisms. In spite of a lot of progress in the study of the Fermi bubbles, the problem of their origin and the emission mechanism is still unresolved. It promises to be an interesting and dynamic research area in the future.

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