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Automatically testing models at the LHC and a possible hint of new physics
  OKC colloquia

Tuesday 23 September 2014
from 13:15 to 14:30
at FA31
Speaker : Jaime Tattersall (Heidelberg)
Abstract : In the first three years of running, the LHC has delivered a wealth of new data that is now being analysed. The two muli-pupose detectors, ATLAS and CMS, have performed many searches for new physics but theorists are eager to test their own particular model. We present the program CheckMATE (Check Models At Terascale Energies) that automatises this procedure. In addition to excluding models, CheckMATE can be used to analyse if any hints of new physics exist in the dataset. We show that such hints are present in low energy leptons and that a Supersymmetric model appears to fit the data well.

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