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Non local thermodynamical radiative transfer in red supergiant stellar atmospheres
  Astronomy and astrophysics

Friday 04 April 2014
from 10:30 to 11:30
at FA31
Speaker : Julien Lambert (Lund)
Abstract : Water is an important constituent of the atmosphere of red supergiant stars (RSG), which influence remains however poorly understood. The water spectrum of these stars can apparently be only reproduced through the addition of a detached shell of cool molecular gas, the so-called MOLspheres. However, this hypothesis is still cautious. In order to better interpret observed spectra, non local thermodynamic equilibrium (NLTE) spectrum synthesis may be potentially important. NLTE effects being potentially important, they may alleviate the problems in the interpretation of water spectra, and affect the atmosphere dynamics. We thus developed an original method to solve the radiative transfer equation, adapted to the numerous water transitions and without the LTE approximation. This method has been implemented in an original parallel code. Preliminary results show that NLTE effects in RSG atmospheres and their impact on observables such as the emergent spectrum are very important.

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