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"Towards microscopic sensing - Photoluminescence modulated by molecular interactions in bulk and microscopic systems"
  KTH Applied Physics seminars

Thursday 21 November 2013
from 09:00 to 11:00
at Alba Nova ( FA32 )
Speaker : Dr. Lars-Olof PĂ„lsson, Lecturer Department of Chemistry, Durham University
Abstract : Our work is concerned with the use of photoluminescence (PL) as tool for sensing of biological systems ranging from phase separated structures such as vesicles and micelles to bio-active cells. The aim of the work is to use environmentally sensitive optical probes to sense the local environment with respect to relevant biological parameter such as pH, pX (protein concentrations) and pM (metal concentrations). In collaboration with synthetic chemists we explore the potential of various functional optical probes that include purely organic chromophores, emissive organo metallic complex and metal complexes. We are developing methodologies and techniques which will allow to us to monitor a modulation of the PL caused by the di-electric medium or specific interactions to biologically relevant systems, using fluorescence spectroscopy and moving towards fluorescence microscopy.

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