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Computational Biology at AlbaNova
07 March 2012 AlbaNova
The purpose of this meeting is to bring together groups at AlbaNova working on problems in Computational Biology from different angles, to inform each other of recent developments and explore synergies.

A current list of meeting objectives are

  • to get to know about other groups on AlbaNova and to socialize
  • can we do something in the context of KTH current efforts in China?
  • can we collaborate on the level of master programs?
  • can Computational Biology become a sub-platform in KTH Biomedical platform and gain visibility through that channel?
If you want to add an item to the list, contact any of the co-chairs.

Registration for the meeting is mandatory. You register by following the link on the left.

The meeting is generously hosted by NORDITA, and will take place in the lecture room in the smaller of the two NORDITA buildings on the AlbaNova campus.


  • Presentations APS-style (max 10 minutes, max 3 slides). If you want to give a presentation, indicate so when you register.
  • Mingle
  • Panel discussion: what can we do for Computational Biology at AlbaNova?
    • Panelists: Örjan Ekeberg, Erik Lindahl, John Hertz, Hans Ågren
    • Moderators: Erik Aurell, Olle Edholm

Dates: 07 March 2012 (13:00-17:00)
Location: AlbaNova
Room: 122:026
Chairs: AURELL, Erik

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