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conference "European "Reionization & Dark Ages with the Square Kilometer Array" Meeting"
  from Wednesday 18 January 2012 (09:00)
to Friday 20 January 2012 (16:00)
at FA32 / FA31
  Description: The year 2012 will be an important year for Square Kilometer Array (SKA) project as the final decision on the location will be taken soon and several other parameters will be fixed. See The first phase of the SKA that will be build has studies Epoch of Reionization as one of its key science drivers and just as it has been for the SKA pathfinder telescopes LOFAR and MWA, it may become the flagship project for the entire SKA Phase 1. Now, Europe is playing and will continue to play a dominant role in SKA development, yet there has never been a meeting of all SKA interested EoR scientists in Europe. In this meeting a mixed group of observers and theorists will compose a joint "White Paper" containing the scientific goals, the strategies to achieve these and the necessary requirements that follow from this for SKA Phase 1 and possibly beyond. The intention is that this White Paper can serve as a reference document for the further development of the SKA telescope. Contact: Garrelt Mellema ( for information
files agenda pdf;  files more information pdf 

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