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conference "A Swedish Free Electron Laser in Mälardalen"
  Monday 05 December 2011
from 15:15 to 17:00
at Svedbergsalen
  Description: A Brainstorming Meeting: *Introduction – Joseph Nordgren and Mats Larsson. *Visions and possibilities – Janos Hajdu. *Technical aspects – Peter van der Meulen. *FREIA: Development work for superconducting radio-frequency accelerators – Volker Ziemann. *Discussion – moderator Örjan Skeppstedt. Abstract: During the last decades, there has been a tremendous progress in research using photon beams. Synchrotron light and free electron laser facilities are no longer the interest of physicists alone, but also serve forefront research in chemistry, biology and medicine. There is a very strong community at the universities in the Stockholm – Uppsala region using photon beams at research facilities around the world. The FEL-center, a joint effort by KTH, SU and UU to promote free electron laser research, invites to a brainstorming meeting about the possibility for a national free electron laser and discussion about the scientific case for such a proposal.

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