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Fiber form nanophotonic devices: from plasmonics towards nonlinear optics
  KTH Applied Physics seminars

Thursday 10 November 2011
from 09:15 to 10:00
at FA32
Speaker : Dr Markus Schmidt (Max‐Planck Institute for the Science of Light)
Abstract : Fiber form nanophotonic devices consist of microstructured optical fibers which included nanoscale elements. One approach to implement such devices relies on placing desired materials into the subwavelength holes of photonic crystal fibers (PCFs). In this talk, I will review our recent results on plasmonic PCFs, semiconductor fibers, highly nonlinear chalcogenide‐silica waveguides and opto‐fluidic fiber form devices. As examples, we observed spiraling plasmonic modes, very broad super‐continuum generation in the infrared, octave‐spanning azimuthal mode polarization, distinct Mie‐resonances and strong photonic band gaps. Furthermore, I will give an outlook about future experiments and potential integrated devices.

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