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Cosmic ray backgrounds in dark matter searches
Cosmic ray backgrounds in dark matter searches
25-27 January 2010 AlbaNova
Many new cosmic ray data are at tension with standard astrophysical explanations, like the positron excess seen by the Pamela experiment. To explain these data, we either need to invoke new physics, like dark matter, or invent/modify astrophysical sources of cosmic rays. On top of this, we also have uncertainties coming from cosmic ray propagation. The aim of this workshop is to investigate cosmic ray sources and propagation uncertainties that are of relevance when trying to find evidence for new physics (like dark matter) in cosmic ray data.

Preliminary List of Speakers:

  • Luca Latronico (Fermi/LAT, INFN Pisa)
  • Pasquale Serpico (CERN)
  • Andrew Strong (Fermi/Lat, MPI Garching)
  • Kathrin Egberts (HESS, Innsbruck University)
  • David Maurin (HESS, LPNHE Paris)
  • Mirko Boezio (Pamela, INFN Trieste)
  • Paolo Gondolo (University of Utah)

The workshop will be a small-scale event with ample of time for discussions.

Local Organizing Committee

J. Edsjö (Stockholm University), J. Conrad (Stockholm University), M. Pearce (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), Klas Hultqvist (Stockholm University), Antje Putze (Stockholm University), Alessandro Cuoco (Stockholm University).

Dates: from 25 January 2010 09:00 to 27 January 2010 22:20
Location: AlbaNova
Chairs: EDSJÖ, Joakim

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