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conference "Workshop "Bioinformatics in industry and academia""
  Monday 19 January 2009
from 09:30 to 16:00
at RB35 ( RB35 )
  Description: Stockholm Bioinformatics Centre strives to improve bioinformatics research and training in Sweden and to maintain Sweden's position as a leading European country in the bioinformatics arena. Being aware of a mutual interest between academia and industry in the bioinformatics field, we are organising a workshop where the two sides can present their achievements, and exchange ideas and views on the future of the biomedical research in the light of computational methods.

We are happy to invite your company to attend the workshop and hope you will find this event useful for your activity. Please consider an opportunity to bring a poster or an advertisement on job opportunities in you company.

The program is available on the web site:

Feel free to forward this invitation to your colleagues.

Best regards,
Looking forward to meet you

Erik Sonnhammer, Professor, Director of Stockholm Bioinformatics Centre
Andrey Alexeyenko, PhD

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