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Einstein Toolkit Workshop 2015
Einstein Toolkit Workshop 2015
11-14 August 2015 AlbaNova

Current registrants (33)
downname institution Arrival Departure
Dr. BENTIVEGNA, Eloisa Università di Catania 11-August-2015 14-August-2015
Prof. BRANDT, Steven R. (*) Louisiana State University 15-August-2015 15-August-2015
Dr. CAMARGO DE LIMA, Rafael ICRANet 10-August-2015 15-August-2015
Dr. CAO, Zhoujian (*) Institute of Applied Mathematics, AMSS 15-August-2015 15-August-2015
Dr. CHARZYNSKI, Szymon Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw 10-August-2015 15-August-2015
Dr. CHATTOPADHYAY, Pradip Kumar Alipurduar College 10-August-2015 17-August-2015
Dr. ETIENNE, Zachariah (*) West Virginia University 15-August-2015 15-August-2015
GIACOMAZZO, Bruno University of Trento 11-August-2015 17-August-2015
GRASSO, Michele Università di Catania 10-August-2015 14-August-2015
HAAS, Roland Albert Einstein Institute 11-August-2015 14-August-2015
Dr. HAWKE, Ian University of Southampton 10-August-2015 17-August-2015
Dr. HINDER, Ian Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (AEI) 10-August-2015 14-August-2015
Dr. JANIUK, Agnieszka Center for Theoretical Physics, PAS 11-August-2015 17-August-2015
Dr. KASTAUN, Wolfgang Trento University 10-August-2015 16-August-2015
Mr. KAWAMURA, Takumu University of Trento 10-August-2015 16-August-2015
Prof. KOPPELMAN, David Electrical and Computer Engineering, Louisiana State University 10-August-2015 14-August-2015
Dr. KOROBKIN, Oleg Stockholm University 09-August-2015 17-August-2015
Mr. MAIONE, Francesco Università di Parma 10-August-2015 14-August-2015
Dr. MARKAKIS, Charalampos University of Southampton 10-August-2015 15-August-2015
Mr. MEWES, Vassilios University of Valencia 11-August-2015 14-August-2015
Mr. MILLER, Jonah M. (*) University of Guelph 15-August-2015 15-August-2015
Dr. MOESTA, Philipp California Institute of Technology 10-August-2015 14-August-2015
MONGWANE, Bishop Rhodes University 09-August-2015 15-August-2015
NATHANAIL, Antonios RCAAM Academy of Athens 10-August-2015 13-August-2015
Mr. NDZINISA, Dumsani Rhodes university 10-August-2015 15-August-2015
OTT, Christian Caltech 10-August-2015 17-August-2015
Dr. RADICE, David California Institute of Technology 10-August-2015 14-August-2015
Prof. ROSSWOG, Stephan Stockholm University & Oskar Klein Centre 11-August-2015 15-August-2015
Dr. SAHOO, Pradyumn Birla Institute of Technology and Science-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus 10-August-2015 14-August-2015
Prof. SCHNETTER, Erik (*) University of Guelph 15-August-2015 15-August-2015
Dr. SUKOVA, Petra Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences 10-August-2015 15-August-2015
Dr. TAKIWAKI, Tomoya Riken Astrophysical Big Bang Laboratory 09-August-2015 17-August-2015
Mr. TUNYASUVUNAKOOL, Saran DATMP, University of Cambridge 10-August-2015 13-August-2015

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